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Year round citrus ‘On the way to Planet Proof’

Jaguar the fresh company and SMK jointly invested in an On the Way to PlanetProof standard for the cultivation of Citrus in North Africa. The existing standard for cultivation of Citrus in South Africa will be revised as well. This means the cooperation between Jaguar, the fresh company and SMK will be extended with the aim to improve year round availability of sustainable grown fruit and vegetables.

Together with growers we strive for an efficient and more sustainable way of growing fruit which is On the way to PlanetProof certified. A strict control and intensive certification precedes it. Besides environmental aspects and reduced usage of pesticides, water usage is an important topic.

Since the publication of several Dutch retailers, requiring all Dutch produce to comply to ‘On the way to PlanetProof’, Jaguar noted an increased demand for international PlanetProof products. Therefor Jaguar decided to join forces with SMK again and focus on further internationalisation. Together with independent consultants we will develop a PlanetProof standard for North African Citrus.

Jaguar hopes this initiative will contribute to a more sustainable fruit and vegetable chain with improved quality and availability of products on the long term.

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